Republican Central Isotope Laboratory (РSIL) has been established at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, AS RU  according to the Regulations of Cabinet Ministry of Republic Uzbekistan № 637-f from 02.11.2004 ., with the purpose of strenthening and improving of control methods, technical state,   infering a conclusion of possibility further exploitation, works implementation on charging, recharging,  temporary custody/storage/ and utilization  of sources, as well as using  the Ionizing Radiation Sources  (IRS) in  the industrial enterprises, in scientific-research, medical and other institutions of  the territory of Republic Uzbekistan.
The main tasks and activity areas of (RCIL)

  • Development, manufacturing and issuing certificates for radioisotope devices (RID);
  • Mounting and dismantling,  balancing and commissioning works and  и repair  RID with  IRS blocks;
  • Control of technical state and hermiticity of IRS devices with radioactive materials;
  • Prolonging the validity term of IRS with registration certificate of prolonging exploitation term;
  • Charging, Recharging, dismantling, collection, storage of IRS and  radioisotope devices;
  • Accept for temporary storage of IRS and  obtaining-issuing of IRS customers;
  • Accept for utilization IRS;
  • Preparation and giving to storage, becoming disabled IRS and radioactive materials.