Head of theoretical physics department
doctor of physico-mathematical sciences 
Yarmukhamedov  Rakhim
Office phone: (998-71)-289-28-53

Field of interests:

Nuclei theory structure, asymptotic theory of surface nuclear reactions transfer at low energies and nuclear astrophysics at ultralow energies

Some latest publications:


  • R.Yarmukhamedov. Influence of three-body Coulomb effects on spectroscopic information extracted from analysis of the peripherical reactions (3He,d) on the 12,13 C nuclei. Phys. Atomic Nucl. v.60, 1997, p.910.
  • S.B. Igamov and R. Yarmukhamedov.Triple-differential cross section of the 208Pb( 6Li,,ad) 208Pb Coulomb breakup and astrophysical S-factor of the d(a,,g)6Li reaction at extremely low energies. Nucl. Phys. A673, 2000, p.509.
  • R.Yarmukhamedov, D.Baye, and C.Leclercq-Willain. Asymptotic of three-body bound radial wave functions of halo nuclei. Nucl. Phys. A705 (2002) pp. 335.