Scientific secretary

Head of Laboratory
Doctor of technical sciences


Bakiev Saidamin Alimovich


Office phone (998-71)-150-30-74,


Field of interests:

Development the nuclear physical methods of analysis and control.

Basic works:


  • S.A. Bakiev, A.A Kist, Zh. Rakhmanov et al.
    Use of 252Cf for elemental analysis: J. Radioanal. and Nucl. Chem. 147 (1991) 59-68;
  • S.A. Bakiev
    Methodological problems of aktivation analysis using radionuclide neutron sources: Czechoslovak Journal of Physics, Vol.49 (1999), Suppl. S1. 367-375
  • S.A. Bakiev., Rakhmanov J.and others
    Radiopharmaceutical  control method of works efficiency  leaching devices and sorption in gold hydrometallurgic production : Uzbek chemical journal №4, 1995, pp.75-82
  • S.A. Bakiev, J. Rakhmanov et all.
  • Peculiarities of the distribution of some elements in vegetation samples: J. Radioanal. and Nucl. Chem. Vol. 272, No.2 (2007) 281-284 

Proposal to cooperation

It is proposed for cooperation in the field of development the nuclear-physical methods of element analysis of various objects and carrying out such analysis, as well as, in the development the nuclear-physical control methods of technological parameters and processes.