Head of laboratory

candidate of chemical sciences 


Khujaev Saydakhmad Saydalievich 


Office phone: (998-71)-289-31-14;
Home phone: (998-71)- 289-27-04

Professional interest fields:
 Radionuclides production; analytic chemistry of radionuclides, processing and disposal radioactive waste products; detection and measurement of radionuclides in the environment.
Some publications:
  • Generator  68Ga on the basis of  aluminium oxide. - Radiochemistry  2000. T.42, No.2. P.162-163.
  • Obtaining of Radionuclide 39Се  without  carrier. - Radiochemistry . 2000. Т.42, No.2. P.164-166.
  • Influence of preliminary treatment of aluminium oxide on the separation of 68Ge - 68Ga radionuclide chain. - J. of radioanalyt. and Nucl. Chem.2000. Vol.246, №3. P.593-596.
  • Patent  RUz. No. 1ДП 05064 (2001). bulletin. No.1, 2002.