Scientific consultant


Personal Data

Date of birth          May 9, 1945 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Marital status         Uzbekistan

Professional Background

2006 - nowadays    Scientific consultant

2000 - 2006           Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences President

2000                                           Member of Parliament, Uzbekistan

2000                     Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences:


1994                     Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

                                                              Corresponding Member

1990 - 2006           Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences


1989 - 1990           Working on the applied and solid researches in the field

                            of high energy and nuclear physics

1987                     Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences


1984 - 1990          Physical-Technical Institute, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

                                                              Head of the Laboratory

 1980 - 1981         Working on the Project in research of nuclear effects

                           with interaction of neutrino high energies

                                                               Head of the Project

1977 - 1978          University of Washington (Seattle, USA)

                                                               Professor of Physical Department

1972 - 1983          Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

                                                               Senior Collaborator

1968 - 1971          Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences

                                                               Junior Collaborator



1981                                     Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences


1971                  United Institute of Nuclear Researches (Dubna, Russia)

                                                                Candidate Degree

1963 – 1968       Tashkent State University

                                                                Physical Department

                                                                Higher Education Degree



1996                                   Institute of Leading Researches, University of Indiana (USA)

                                                                Honorable Member

1992                  United Institute of Nuclear Researches,

                         International Scientific Council (ISCUINR, Dubna, Russia)


1990                  American Physical Society


Scientific Funds Awards

1996                  Academician of the Californian Academy of Sciences

1995                  Academician of the International Academy of Islamic Countries


                         Prepared 5 Ph.D. and 21 Candidates


More than 250 articles including publications in foreign scientific magazines

Participated in 24 International Conferences and Symposiums (UAS, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, South Korea, China, Australia, Spain, etc.),

                       was a member of different Organizing Committees and Adviser of many 

                       International Conferences devoted to the problems of nuclear physics.

Prizes and Awards

1983                  Awarded State Prize "A.R. Beruny"