Department of solid state radiation physics and nanomaterial physics

The main areas of researches, carrying out in the Solid State Radiation Physics Department
  • Research for processes of formation, accumulation, transformation and radiation defects decay, in semiconductors, dielectrical, optical, ceramical, laser, electric insulating, polymeric, construction materials and fabrications on their basis under influence of electron, proton, gamma and neutron irradiation;

  • Research for radiation-stimulated processes and phase transformations, originating under influence of ionizing and nuclear irradiation, thermal treatment, laser radiation and combined radiation-thermal effect in crystal, construction, fuel and other materials of wide range;

  • Determination the state, type, defects component and phase composition of formed structures and elaboration the methods of new phase formation with necessary parameters (for achieving the given properties and characteristics of materials and products;

  • Research for physics and chemistry doping of semi-conductor, oxide, fluoride crystals, glass-shaped and High temperature superconductive materials. Study for the nature, parameters of forming solid solutions and structural defects, phase composition of the material, their effects both on electrophysical, optical, dielectrical and mechanical properties and on structural parameters of the material;

  • Research of degradation parameters and properties of semiconductor, laser, optical, dielectrical, ceramical, electric insulating products spontaneously, in the field of radiation-thermal effect and exposing them by radiation sensitivity.

    Development for theoretical models of formation defects for various kinds(forms) of crystals and products under radiation effect;

  • Research for crawling (sliding) and corrosion resistance processes of construction materials under temperature and radiation effect;
  • The modification and stabilization properties of semiconductor, optical, laser, dielectrical crystals and products by radiation technology and radiation-thermal treatment. Carrying out the transmutantive doping of silicon monocrystals by helping neutron irradiation. The synthesis and thermo-radiation treatment of High temperature supercon-ductive materials in the field of gamma-radiation.

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