Research Nuclear Reactor WWR with power 2 MW of the Institute put into operation in 10 September 1959. In 1980 year, after reconstruction its power (WWR-SM) had been increased up to 10 MW.

Head engineer WWR-SM

Yusupov J.

Office phone: (998-71)-289-31-34


At present the reactor has following parameters (with enrichment 19,75% on 235U)


10 MW
Number of fuel assembly in the reactor, pcs. 24
Active zone volume, L 83,0
Maximum density of neutrons in experimental channel;  
Fast (E >0.821 Mev) in active zone, neutron /(sm2 sec) 5*1013
Thermal in reflectors, neutron /(sm2 sec) 1.2*1014
Number of experimentel channels:  
       Horizontal 9
vertical 25
Executive organs of system protection management, pcs.  
compensative ones (CS); 6
emergency protection system (EPS); 3
automatic regulator 1

Reactor is used for carrying out researches on nuclear physics, radiation physics, radiation material  science, activation analysis, irradiation of minerals, also for radionuclide production.


In  2008 y. It will be planned to convert WWR-SM reactor for using fuel IRT-4M (ИРТ-4М) (19,7% with enrichment -U-235).

This project is co-funded by the European Union

The project “Operational Safety of Research Reactor of Institute of Nuclear Physics (Phase II)” is aimed at strengthening of safe operation of the WWR-SM research reactor in accordance with the new international standards. Within the framework of the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation and the European Union TC UZB/9/005 project control and protection system, measuring instruments, that have been used since the commissioning of the reactor (1959) were replaced in 2010-2013. New control and protection system is essential for the safe operation of the new reactor core with low-enriched fuel. As an additional task, decided to replace the heat exchangers, piping and pumps that have been in operation for over 45 years. In the framework of the TC UZB/1/001 project technical specifications for replacement of pipelines and pumps the second circuit, beryllium reflectors and ventilation technology were developed.