Experimental hall

У-150-II - cyclotron classic type, having the following  characteristics:

Type of accelerated particles,  chargeness
Energy range, МeV internal current beam, мкА extracted current beam, мкА
protons Н1+ 8 - 22 ≤1000 ≤4
deuterons, + 10 - 20 ≤150 ≤2
ions 3Не++ 20 - 40 ≤150 ≤2
alpha particle, Не++ 25 - 50 ≤200 ≤3
Cyclotron U-150-II of INP AS was put unto operation at 1964 year. By intensity of the beam currents it exceeds such accelerators in CIS.

Adviser of the Cyclotron U-150-II is Dr of Sci Sergey V. Artemov
E-mail: artemov@inp.uz
Personnel of the Cyclotron U-150-II service of the INP AS consists of the qualified specialists in the field of accelerating technology, experimental nuclear physics, radiometry and experiment automatization.

Various researches in the field of fundamental and applied sciences are carried out using a beam of the cyclotron.
In the field of fundamental nuclear physics the scattering and nuclear reactions initiated by all types of the accelerated particles were studied for obtaining the information about mechanisms of the reactions and the light nuclei structure. Extensive investigations were fulfilled on the radiative study of materials, radiochemistry, radiobiology and medicine.
In 1991 the Scientific-industrial rental Enterprise "TEZLATGICH" was founded on the base of Cyclotron U-150-II which produces and exports the high quality radioisotope production including radionuclide Со-57.
At 1995 the Cyclotron U-115 started to come into operation. It accelerates protons up to Ep=20 MeV with the internal beam intensity of 500 mkA and is intended for production of radionuclides.