Head of Department
candidate of technics

Tillaev To`lqin Sotvoldievich

Research activity

I. Development of  nuclear-physical methods for analysis element composition of matter,  obtaining labelled junctions, measurement  and study of radon  proliferation and conducting researches in the field of agriculture, ecology and criminalistics etc. on the basis of developed method. .

II. Creation, development and operation information and telecommunication systems of Institute of Nuclear Physics AS RU. Creation the specialized database. Development  the new  technology in the field of processing experimental information, telecommunication systems, efficient use of Internet resources

Leading specialists

Умаралиев Акмал Тошкинбаевич

Khatamov Shodi Khatamovich- leading researcher/doctor of technics

Tillaev To`lqin Sotvoldievich - head of department/candidate of technics

Kim Andrey -leading researcher/candidate of biology