Head of laboratory

candidate of chemical sciences

Sadykov Ilkhom Ismailovich

Research activity

In the laboratory:

  • Study the component and trace contaminant of high-purity materials;
  • The methods for determining the content of rare and trace elements in the technology materials by nuclear-physical methods are being developed

The basic research methods:

  • Instrumental and radiochemical neutron activation analysis (NAA) at reactor neutrons;
  • X-ray radiometric analysis (PPA) in the sources of 57Co, 109Cd, 241Am, etc.
    NAA and PPA methods of over 40 different high-purity materials, the wide variety of process materials (concentrates, residues, spent catalysts, disposals of the chemical and steel production) have been developed in the laboratory

    10 scientists, 2 post-graduate student and 2 trainee researcher work in the laboratory.

    Leading staff

    Sadykov Ilkhom Ismailovich -Head of laboratory/candidate of chemical sciences
    Mukhamedshina N.M. - senior researcher/candidate of technical sciences
    Kadyrova M. - senior researcher/candidate of physics and math.
    Salimov M.I. - senior researcher/candidate of technical sciences
    Mirsagatova Adiba –junior researcher
    Tashimova Feruza - junior researcher