Department of nuclear analytics, general and applied radiochemistry

The main areas of researches, carrying out in the Department of Activation analysis and radiochemistry
  • Research for conformity natural laws distribution of radioactive elements in multicomponent systems in the process of sorption, extraction and ion exchange;

  • Radiochemical research of nuclear reaction products and development of scientific bases(foundations) for obtaining and isolating of fragmentative, nuclear, cyclotron radionuclides;

  • Development of radiochemical production technology of radiation sources and obtaining of labelled junctions;

  • Development of extraction, sorption and other methods of separation and secretion radioactive elements for their subsequent analysis;

  • Study for conformity natural laws of radioactive elements behavior and state (natural and artificial) in the objects of environment;

  • Development of new and improving existing cleaning methods of liquid radioactive wastes;

  • Development of nuclear-physical and radiochemical analytical methods of analysis for chemical elements in the environmental objects;

  • Development of methodical bases for neutron-activation analysis of biomedical objects;

  • Development the complex of works for instrumentation and radiochemical methods of analysis for pure and super-pure materials, noble rare metals in ores, on nuclear reactor base and in high-powered radionuclide sources of neutrons;

  • Carrying out for large-scale ecological-agricultural and hydro-geochemical researches on the basis of elaborated analytical methods.

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