Head of Laboratory
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences

Ibragimova Elvira Memetovna


Office phone: (998-712)-289-33-54
Home phone: (998-712)-289-22-96

Field of professional interests:

She works in the field of radiation solid state physics and material science. Research objects  in various time were optical and laser materials(crystals of yttrium garnet and aluminate, LiF, optical fibers from quartz glass and polymers), aluminosilicate glass, high-temperature superconductors Y-Ba-Cu-O, high energy-gap semiconductor ZnSe(Te,O), carbonic and nano-carbonic materials. During last 10 years she is implementing scientific investigationsin the frame of international projects. Total amount of publications is over 80, including in international journals- 40.

Main works:


  • E.M. Ibragimova, A.A. Gafarov, K.Yu. Masharipov, Yu.N. Koblik, G.A. Mkrtchan, B.L. Oksengendler, A.A. Kist, V.D. Ryzhikov, V.P. Seminozhenko, N.G. Starzhinski, L.P. Galchinetski, V.I. Silin.
    Kinetics of photoluminescence of ZnSe(Te,O) scintillators at pulse laser excitation. Journal of Advanced Materials", 2001, vol. 7.
  • E.M. Ibragimova, V.N. Sandalov, M.I. Muminov, E.M.
    Radiation-induced enhancement of proton conductivity in porous glass. Material Science and Engineering B 108, 171 (2004).
  • E.M. Ibragimova, Sh.M. Makhkamov.
    Status of radiation solid state physics researches at the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Eurasia Nuclear Bulletin, 2002, No 1, p. 103-108.
  • E.M. Ibragimova, A.A. Kist, N.M. Mukhamedshina
    Status of radiation solid physics researches at the institute of nuclear physics. Nuclear Bulletin, 2002, No 1, p. 103-108.
  • E.M. Ibragimova, M.A. Kirk.
    Modification of structure and properties of superconducting YBaCuO crystals by combined irradiation. Proc. Mater. Res. Soc. 2001, vol. 659, II7.8.1-6.
  • E.M. Ibragimova, M.A. Mussaeva, A.A. Gafarov
    Relaxation of optical excitations in crystals of the Y2O3 - Al2O3 system with radiation defects. Technical Physics Letters, 2003, vol. 29, No 3, pp. 210-213.
  • E.M. Ibragimova, Mussaeva  М.А., E.M. Ibragimova., Muminov M.I., Vakhidov Sh.А.
    Radiation and mechanic resistance of  glass coating on the basis of  SiO2-BaO for  solar cells of  cosmic  basing. Phys. Chem. Glass, 2004, tome(Volume) 30, № 3, pp. 305-310.

Proposal to cooperation

Radiation-induced modification structure and properties of  oxide dielectrics, semiconductors and  high-temperature superconductors, radiation-stimulated  gases trapping (hydrogen) at the surface and in the volume of ceramics and nanostructure.