Head of laboratory
Doctor of physics and math. Salikhbaev Umar Sagitovich

Basic research areas

In the laboratory:

  • The works on studying the states of nuclei, which structure is determined by inter-correlation of various freedom degrees of nuclei: quadrupole and octupole, joint and single-particle, rotary and vibratory and others.
    The convenient for this is the research multi phonon structure of vibration nuclei. Such structures is clear appeared at excitation of multifilmed states, composed of five states with spin and parity Ip =1-,2,5. Thereof multiplet 1-state are selectively excited in (g1g1) и (n1n1g)-laboratory experiments conducting at horizontal reactor channel of INP AS RU. At present Nuclear Spectroscopy laboratory is planning to conduct experimental researches on studying multi phonon structures for isotope chain of nuclei such as Мо, Аg, In, Sb, Te, L, Pv, Nd, W, Au и Hg and others.

  • The works on conducting interpretation of obtained experimental data on vibration nuclei subject to deformation and other contributions have been planned.

  • The works on description properties of vibration nuclei in more fundamental and dynamical level, as united nucleons system of various invariance have been conducted. For this purpose the neutrino properties, interacting with all calibrated bosons, are researched, which take important role in establishment apparent physical nature of massive fermions. The content definition and concentration profiles of light elements isotopes such as C, N, 0, Be, F, CL, Ge , Mg and others in different facilities that is to say, in the soils, waters, food products, technological and non-construcional materials is important and actual problem of science and technology. The trifle and lack of neutron-capture cross-section in these elements doesn’t allow to conduct researches by using other analysis methods. Therefore, Nuclear Spectroscopy laboratory is planning to conduct researches by using (nn1g) -reactions and calls to cooperation for creation the facility призывает к сотрудничеству для создания установки fast-neutron – radiation analysis of light elements in the field of atomic mass А < 40.

  • In laboratory, in cooperation with other scientists, under supervision with academician Begjanov R.B. have been issued the following monograph:

    • The excited states of nuclei (Tashkent, Science,1967);
    • The electromagnetic transitions in nuclei (1967);
    • The temporary spectroscopy of atomic nuclei (1972,Tashkent);
    • Single-particle motion in atomic nuclei. (1976, Dushanbe),
    • Temporary spectroscopy of atomic nuclei. (1972, Tashkent);
    • The structure of deformed nuclei (1983, Moscow);
    • The modern methods of nuclei. (1973, Tashkent);
    • Coriolis interaction in atomic nuclei (1979, Tashkent);
    • The structure of even-even transition nuclei. (1988, Tashkent);
    • The handbook on nuclear physics ( in 2 volume, 1989 Tashkent);
    • The handbook on spectroscopy of atomic nuclei (Tashkent,1992) and others.

    Leading staff

    Salikhbaev Umar Sagitovich - Head of laboratory professor, doctor of physics and math
    Sharafiddinov Rasulkhoja Sultonkhojaevich - /researcher