Scientific library of INP AS RU

Head of scientific library of INP AS RU

        Office phone: 289-31-19


          Operating regime of library:
         daily  8:00-16:00
         day off - Saturday, Sunday.
     Last day of the month - sanitary day.


         reading hall for 40 persons                 

Scientific library of INP is one of the largest library among scientific libraries network of AS RU, it operates since 1957.






  The former old building of library

(1961-1969) in  the Ulugbek township


 The scientific library has the fund of more  221215 units for keeping the scientific-technical literatures.

It affiliates the unique physical handbooks, dictionaries, periodicals - 78528, from these  foreigns - 39500.
Abstracts, Candidate's and Doctoral dissertations, scientific reports of the laboratories.

Annually library receives 25 journal titles, from these -11 Russian.
363 readers take advantage of library services.
The number of output sources are more  26000 copies per year.
Library uses Interlibrary subscription such as: Fundamental Library of Academy of Sciences RU, Physical-Technical Institute, Library named Alisher Navoi , Dubna(Russia), Novosibirsk, Kharkov.
Modern development of Institute library is  associated with creation and development fund of electronic library.


Library staff:

Head/289-31-19 office/ /162-39-42 home/
Karaeva Ekhbol  - senior librarian /289-31-19 office /289-25-93home/
Isadjanova Sora - librarian /289-31-19 office/