Head of the Heavy Ion Physics laboratory

Muminov Akhtam Ibragimovich

               Phone: (998-71) 289-35-69 and 289-32-17;

  Facsimile : (998-71) 289-35-69; 

The outstanding scientist in the areas of nuclear spectroscopy, applied nuclear physics, acceleration of ions in a cyclotron, investigations of the nuclear reactions proceeding at participation of heavy ions and synthesis of new superheavy elements. Professor Akhtam Ibragimovich MUMINOV has begun the scientific activity in 1964 with on the position of the senior laboratorian at the Institute of nuclear physics of the Uzbek Science Academy and has passed the way up to director of an independent scientific organization of the Science Academy of the Republic - the Heavy Ion Physics Department at the INP Uzb.
Sci. Acad. He has defended his PhD thesis « Spectroscopic researches of the excited conditions of some isotopes of nuclei Pd, Tl, Eu, Gd, Dy, Er, Yb, W, Os » in 1972 in Tashkent, under direction of corresponding member Uzb. Sci. Acad. Begjanov R. B. The thesis for a doctor's degree « Electromagnetic properties of the excited conditions of nuclei » has defended in 1981 (without the scientific adviser). The areas of his scientific interests are directed on theoretical and experimental researches of structure of nuclei.
As these complex researches demanded automation and processing of results on the COMPUTERs, he developed a number of devices to which it is may be included the four-detector device from the microcomputer and Ge(Li)-spectrometer for studying Doppler’s form of gamma spectrum. The Experimental data received with application of these devices have allowed to check up quantitatively modern representations about structure of a nucleus and to draw following conclusions:
- Reduction in the g-factor of rotating conditions at the increase of the angular moment is connected with Carioles’ antiparity processes and non-adiabatic rotations;
- The elementary model representing high-spin condition of negative pairs of actinide isotopes is created; Spectra of some radioactive isotopes are received, the atlas of these spectra are made by precise measurements by him in the co-authorship with professor T.Vylov from JINR (Dubna, Russia). Recently, his researches are directed to studying of structure of nucleus and their isotopes; on acceleration of heavy ions in a cyclotron;
on application of the accelerated ions in various areas of a science and techniques {technical equipment};
on synthesis of new superheavy elements in reactions with participation of heavy ions. Influence of deformation and orientations of axes of symmetry of nuclei to dynamics of collision of heavy ions is studied by him in the co-authorship with his pupils and foreign partners, by application of the concept of double nuclear system (DNS).
These results are the great contribution to fundamental science and can be used in work of scientists of all world which was deal with problems of synthesis of new superheavy elements and their isotopes. It is bravely possible to consider him as the pioneer of a new nuclear-physical direction of a science in Uzbekistan - synthesis of new superheavy elements.
A.I.Muminov is persevering and persistent at realization of his aspirations, is able to express and to convince an audience that has shown at session of the Bureau of Branch of physical and mathematical sciences (1993) when solved a question on expediency of creation of one more scientific institute of a physical structure - the Heavy Ion Physics Department.
He is the participant of the phosphoric program: he, in the co-authorship with group of scientists, received the copyright certificate on the invention «The Way of reception of a radioactive isotope of phosphorus-32 in the form of orthophosphate » (1984). He is strict enough to himself and to employees at performance of the official duties by them:
The Department, under his management, is in the leading position on many parameters among other academic establishments. He is able to gain people: perspective young graduates of HIGH SCHOOLS of Republic aspire to get for work, under his supervision, that he could pick up to himself perspective employees from among the youth, capable, and proved it in practice, to put scientific problems of a world scale and able to solve them independently. In 1993, The Heavy Ion Physics Department at the Institute of nuclear physics of the Academy of sciences of The Republic of Uzbekistan was founded by him on the basis of laboratory of the nuclear moments and the cyclotron У-250 under construction.
Collective of scientists of this scientific institute actively cooperate with the colleagues from Laboratories of theoretical physics and nuclear reactions JINR (Dubna, Russia), Gissen University and GSI (Gissen and Darmstadt, Germany), Physics Department of Messina University (Messina, Italy), RIKEN (Tokyo, Japan), GANIL (Каэн, France) and the Brussel University (Brussell, Belgium). The theoretical calculations lead by A.I.Muminov with the employees on modelling of synthesis of new superheavy elements received the confirmation in the experiments in leading centres of science of the world. So, it was offered more effective nuclear reaction for synthesis of an element with charger number 114.
He is the author of more than 320 scientific works, including 5 monographies, 4 copyright certificates on inventions, 3 manuals and about 200 articles. For last 20 years his proceedings are published only on prestigious foreign editions and reported by him personally at the International conferences. He organized the International conferences on research of structure of a nuclei (Tashkent - 1977 and 1989 г.г.) and IX and X-schools on the nuclear physics. 4 doctors and 15 candidates of sciences are graduated under his supervision. A.I.Muminov is the winner of the State Premium of Republic Uzbekistan of name BERUNIY (1973), was awarded by the Award « the SIGN of HONOUR » (1974).