Head of laboratory:

Khugaev Avas Vasilyevich

Basic research areas

The elastic and non-elastic diffraction interaction of adrons and light nuclei at moderate and high energies and studying their structure.

The basic research results for the last 5 years

The dynamic properties of few nucleon systems have been researched. The structure of neutron halo like light nuclei, the connection of elastic and non-elastic diffraction in nucleons, light and medium nuclei at wide energy range have been studied. The particles interactions have been investigated at high energy by method of solution unitarity conditions. Interactions in the frame of eikonal theory have been studied in the frame of diffraction theory. The multiple dispersion(scattering) theory has been developed, the basic regularities of elastic and non-elastic processes, as well as elastic and quasi-elastic nucleus-nuclear ice structure of nuclear molecules, presenting itself the collection of alpha- chained and halo-nuclei have been studied.

Leading staff

Khugaev Avas Vasil’yevich – head of laboratory/ candidate of physics and math.