Head of laboratory

candidate of chemical sciences

Khujaev Saydakhmad Saydalievich

Research activity

The laboratory is working on:

  • Research and develop scientific foundations of obtaining reactor and cyclotron radionuclides;
  • Research the regularities of radionuclides distribution of between the phases of heterogeneous systems;
  • Study the chromatographic, sorption and extraction systems for the extraction, concentration and purification of radionuclides;
  • Development the radiochemical technologies for the production of radionuclides, implementation and management of their production, development of methods for monitoring the quality of produced radionuclides.

The basic developed radiochemical technologies

  • Manufacturing technology of99mTc generator on enriched98Мо.
  • Manufacturing technology of 188Re.
  • Manufacturing technology of 57Со и 58Со.
  • Manufacturing technology of 68Ge.
  • Manufacturing technology of 109Cd.
  • Manufacturing technology of 55Fe.

Offer for cooperation

  • to study the behavior of radioactive isotopes in the liquid and solid phases;
  • Development the manufacturing technologies of radioactive nuclides;
  • the extraction, separation, concentration and purification of radioactive nuclides;
  • The radioactive nuclides analysis;
  • The environmental issues and utilization(recycling) of radioactive wastes.
  • The purification of drinking and sewage water by using natural sorbents;
  • Radiation chemistry research in the aqueous mediums.