В институте запущен современный дифрактометр

Today, October 25 at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the Empyrean modern diffractometer of Malvern Pananalytical company has been put into operation.
The new device is considered one of the world's most reliable and stable due to its technical parameters, research capabilities, additional accessories, modern programs.


The new diffractometer allows to conduct accurate and express-based researches with high-resolution in the most up-to-date areas of Condensed State Physics, materials science, chemistry, biology and instrumentation.
Unlike other diffractometers, this diffractometer allows to have investigations not only at small and large scattering angles, but also at extremely small scattering angles. It allows to identify the structure of products, materials, compounds and different sizes and structure of the samples, improving their properties based on the relationship between the structure and their properties.