Head of laboratory

doctor of physics & maths
Yarmukhamedov Rakhim

Main research area

physics of nuclei, the structure of hadrons and nuclear systems, equation of classical field in astrophysics.

The basic research results for the last 5 years

  • The asymptotic three-particle calculation method of light nuclei decay on two fragment in the field of multicharged ion and asymptotic calculation method of radiation capture processes at ultralow energies for astrophysics have been developed. The non-adiabatic approach calculation characteristics of non-axial deformable nucleus has been developed.

  • The solution of general relativistic Maxwell equations for rotation neutron star with magnetic field has been developed. The equation solution of macroscopic gravitation for homogeneous and isotropic macroscopic spaces-time has been received.

  • The calculation method of radiation-leptonic and semileptonic decays of pseudoscalar and vector mesons

Leading specialists

  • Akhmedov Bobomurat Juraevich- /leading researcher/doctor of physics & maths.
  • Ubaydullaeva Muborak Kudratullaevna - /senior researcher/candidate of physics & maths
  • Igamov Sayrambay Badambaevich - /senior researcher/candidate of physics & maths
  • Nadyrbekov Makhmud - /senior researcher/candidate of physics & maths