Профессор Умар Сагитович Салихбаев

Института ядерной физики

Салихбаев Умар Сагитович

Teл:(7-10-99871) 150-30-70;289-31-18
Факс: (7-10-99871) 150-30-80

Official address: Institute of Nuclear Physics, Uzbekistan Academy of Science, 100214, Ulugbek, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Education :


Doctoral course in Physics and Mathematics,

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,

Dubna, Russia


Master’s Degree in Physics Sciences

Samarkand State University,



2006 - nowadays –  Director, Institute of Nuclear Physics,

 Uzbekistan Academy of Science

1999 - 2006 –  Deputy Director, Institute of Nuclear Physics,

 Uzbekistan Academy of Science

1996 - 1999 –     Vice President, Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan

1983 – 1999 -     Director of Nuclear Physics Laboratory,

Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan

1975 – 1983 –    Senior Research Scientist,

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia,

1973 – 1975 –    Research Scientist, Department of Physics,

Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan


(i)                  main field

Experimental Nuclear Physics

(ii)                other fields

Application of Nuclear Physics Methods

(iii)               past attitude to development of the weapon of the mass damage

Partake in development the recognizing system of the air object on defense program of the former Soviet Union in 1985 to 1991.


Doctor of Physics and Mathematics;

Medal for Excellence in Science from

Uzbekistan Ministry of Higher Education;


Grant from Uzbekistan State

Science and Technology Committee;

EURASIA Fund Award for the

Information system development in Uzbekistan


                        NATO Science programme grant



More than 100 articles in national and international journals;

Starting from the year 1981, each year participation in

national and international forums


  1. The Reapplication of the Radiation Measurements Results.

    2.      Solving Problems in Classical Atomic Physics