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History of Institute



It was published  Resolution (Decree) of Government about establishing the Institute of Nuclear Physics Academy of Sciences  in Tashkent
1959   It was put into operation the gamma irradiation facility with the radioactive source of 60Co , equivalent 160000 g radium. It had been started the investigations on  radiation physics and radiobiology 
1959   Turakulov Ya.Kh. (INP AS RUz) and Islambekov R.K. have been awarded  to Lenin Prize for the work “ Iodine and hormones exchange of thyroid gland at some forms of thyroid pathology”.


It was carried out the physical start-up of the research nuclear reactor typed WWR, with thermal power 2 MW.

1959   It was held the Tashkent Conference on peaceful using of atomic/nuclear energy
1962   Institute of Nuclear Physics AS RUz   had been made responsible  for  coordinating in country organizations on activation analysis and dosimetry of large doses.
1964    It was put into operation U-150-II, accelerating of protons up to energy 20 MeV
1964   It was hold committee meeting of UNO (United Nation Organization) and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) on nucler energy.
1965   It was started the works on radiation material science and researches of reactor components and materials
1965   The scientific staff of INP AS RUz Starodubtsev S.V., Romanov A.M. had been awarded  to the State Prize by name Abu Raykhon Al-Beruni for the monographs cycle, devoted (dedicated) to the charged particles transition and ionizing radiations via (through) the substance(matter)
1969   It was prepared the reconstruction project of the nuclear reactor and enlargement(increasing, broadening) of works by activation analysis and radiation material science
1970   The scientific staff of INP AS RUz Аzimov S.A., Abdujamilov Sh., Beter E.V., Gulyamov U.G., Chudakov, V.M. had been awarded  to the State Prize by name Abu Raykhon Al-Beruni for the cycle of works “The coherent diffraction generation of pions”
1971   It was carried out the testing of new active zone (area) of nuclear reactor, allowing to enhance its power up to 10MW.
1972   It was introduced the facility at the reactor horizontal channel for automatized activation analysis.
1973   The scientific staff of INP AS RUz Bekjanov R.B., Gladyshev D.A., Muminov A.I., Akilov F.S. had been awarded  to the State Prize by name Abu Raykhon Al-Beruni for the cycle of works “Research of electromagnetic transitions in nuclei
1976   It was established the Enterprise “Radipreparat” of INP, intended for output of  the radioactive labelled junctions.
1979   It was established The Experimental Pilot Plant with Design Department (EPPDD) of Radiation technique for output of radioisotope devices, including for an  export.
1980   It was completed the reconstruction of the reactor and it was converted to permanent (regular) work at power 10 MW.
1980   It was started at the enterprise “Radiopreparat”,   the output and export to abroad  of the junctions labelled by phosphorus-32 and the technetium –99 generators
1981   The scientific staff of INP AS RUz Khabibullaev P.K., Kist A.A., Ashrapov T.B., Ganiev A.G., Muminov V.A., Usmanova M.M., Arkhangel’skiy N.V.(Moscow) and  Egorenkov P.N.(Moscow) had been awarded  to the State Prize by name Abu Raykhon Al-Beruni for the development and introduction of work “The complex of activation and nuclear-physical analytical control methods of technological processes on the basis of modernization of WWR-SM reactor and other nuclear-physical facilities.
1981   The group of scientists Yuldashev B.S. (Physical-Technical Institute, AS RUz), Chernov G.M. (INP AS RUz), Gulamov K.G. (Physical-Technical Institute, AS RUz), Musakhonov M.M. (Tashkent State University), Atakhodjaev A.K. (Samarkand State University - SamSU), Sabirov L.M. (Samarkand State University-SamSU) had been awarded  to the State Prize by name Abu Raykhon Al-Beruni for the research “ The non-elastic interactions of leptons, hadrons, and nuclei with atomic nuclei at high energy .”
1990   It was established the rental Enterprise “Tezlatgich” on  production of the radioactive isotope 57Co at the U-150 cyclotron.

The group of scientists Saidov M.S. (PTI, AS RUz), Mamadalimov A.T. (Institute of Polymers Physics and Chemistry AS RUz), Muminov R.A. (PTI, AS RUz), Yunusov M.S. (INP AS RUz) ) had been awarded  to the State Prize by name Abu Raykhon Al-Beruni for the research of the deep level impurities and defects in silicon


It was realized the physical start-up of new U-115 cyclotron

1998   Nuclear reactor WWR-SM  had been converted to 36 % nuclear fuel
2002   It had been completed the construction of  physical protection system of WWR-SM reactor
2003   It had been given to operation the new custody of radioactive sources.
2006   Institute local network had been converted to optical fibres. It had been created the optical fibres circle(1Gb), connecting all basic premises and buildings
2007   It had been started the works on creation Institute Intranet.