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Neutron generator NG-150

The NG-150 neutron generator implements fluxes of fast quasimonochromatic neutrons with energies of ~ 2.4 and 14 MeV generated by a deuteron beam with energies of ~ 150 keV in reactions D+d —> 3He+n или T+d —> α+n when using deuterium and tritium targets. The neutron flux intensities are respectively ~ 108 and 1010 n/sec to solid angle 4π.

The head of the service NG-150 - Ergashev Feruz
Office telephone: (998-71)-289-34-52

The coordinator of experimental research at experimental facilities NG-150 - Doctor Phys.-Math. Sciences Artemov Sergey Viktorovich
Office telephone: (998-71)-289-36-18


The neutron generator NG-150 is designed to perform a wide range of scientific research in the field of nuclear and radiation physics, as well as elemental analysis. It is equipped with the following experimental techniques:

  • The unique NERD technique and the corresponding setup are used for “online” - determination of the content and concentration profiles of hydrogen and helium isotopes in the surface layers of samples of various types. The technique is based on measuring the energy spectra of the lightest recoil nuclei upon irradiation with fast monochromatic neutrons. Such information is necessary to select and verify the condition of materials used in nuclear and thermonuclear reactors; in mechanical engineering, when studying the processes of diffusion of hydrogen isotopes in various materials, etc.
  • The installation for fast neutron activation analysis, with an HP Ge detector and a two-arm scintillation spectrometer, is used for activation analysis of light, including short-lived radionuclides.
  • ΔE-E – a technique with Si detectors in a vacuum chamber, used to measure the cross section of reactions induced by fast neutrons.