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Activities of the Scientific Council

The supreme body of the Institute is the Scientific Council, which includes the director, deputy directors for scientific work, scientific secretaries, full members (academics) of the Academy of Sciences and other leading scientists, if necessary, the main specialists of auxiliary units, the chairman of the Council of young scientists, as well as a representative trade union organization.
The Scientific Council may include leading scientists and specialists working in other organizations.
The staff of the Academic Council is approved by Khayat of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the proposal of the director for a period of up to five years (within the term of the director’s authority).
The Chairman of the Scientific Council is ex officio the director of the institute, in his absence - the deputy director for scientific work; Scientific Secretary - Scientific Secretary of the Institute.
Scientific Council:

  • considers and approves projects of competitive topics and thematic plans for research, experimental and experimental design work, forecasts for the training of scientific personnel, programs for meetings and conferences;
  • considers and approves reports on the most important results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities in all its main divisions and in the institute as a whole;
  • discusses issues related to changes in the structure of the institute;
  • identifies the most important scientific problems, listens to scientific reports and evaluates the results of the most important scientific works;
  • considers plans for the editorial preparation of scientific papers of the Institute staff and recommends them for publication;
  • discusses coordination of implementation of cooperation plans with other scientific institutions of the republic and international organizations;
  • discusses issues related to the training and professional development of scientific personnel;
  • approves the admission to the institute of senior research employees (doctoral studies) and the institute of independent applicants, considers and approves the topics of doctoral dissertations, work plans and reports of doctoral students and applicants,
  • listens to reports of heads of research units and heads of competitive projects, research groups, other structural units, as well as individual scientists;
  • forms, submits for approval and hears reports of the work of profiled and specialized councils for the defense of dissertations;
  • puts forward scientific works, scientific discoveries and inventions of scientists for the State Prizes, as well as nominative medals and prizes
  • annually awards badges of the institute “Samarali Faoliati Uchun»,
  • awards annually distinguished employees prizes from the material incentive fund, in accordance with the relevant regulation,
  • represents the employees of the institute for awarding honorary titles and other awards;
  • nominates candidates for election to full members (academicians) of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, industry and other academies of sciences;
  • enters with the submission to the Higher Attestation Commission on the conferment of academic ranks;
  • holds contests for filling vacant posts of scientists.
  • decides on the establishment of a representative fund, determines its size and makes decisions on the use of own earned funds, as well as other issues related to the scientific and organizational activities of the institute.