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Staff training

At the Institute of Nuclear Physics, training activities are carried out in various areas.
Highly qualified personnel are being trained through the Institute of Senior Researchers-Applicants (doctoral studies). Currently, 7 people are studying in it.
Institute in 2009-2013 concluded an agreement on creative partnership with 9 universities of the Republic. In accordance with these agreements, the institute undertakes to train undergraduates sent, to accept young specialists from universities for internships, to open branches of departments, together with universities, etc.
For many years, the institute on the issue of personnel training has been closely cooperating with the National University of Uzbekistan (NUU) and its physics department, which is the main supplier of young personnel to the institute. In order to integrate science and education in 2007, a joint Educational and Scientific Center for Nuclear and Theoretical Physics was created and operates. In 2012, the Educational and Scientific Complex “Nuclear and Theoretical Physics, which coordinates the training of personnel, was created on the basis of this center.”
To implement the National Program of Personnel Training and attracting young specialists to the institute, a number of scientists of the institute teach at universities, lyceums, colleges and schools. Currently, 28 scientists of the institute are involved in teaching activities in educational institutions.
Undergraduate training has also been established directly at the institute. From the first year undergraduates are attached to specific laboratories and supervisors and get acquainted with the work carried out in the laboratory. Starting from the second year, they are actively involved in the implementation of master's thesis works, which, as a rule, are in accordance with the theme of the laboratory.
In 2002 - 2014, in the framework of a special agreement concluded between the institute and the physics department of NUU, the institute paid for the studies of some undergraduate contract workers with the condition of working out at the institute for at least 4 years after graduation. Such a policy helped to secure the majority of graduates at the institute, contributing to the rejuvenation of personnel.
The University has been functioning at the Institute for more than 20 years, designed to coordinate interaction with educational institutions, to attract employees to teaching activities and to carry out further training for young scientists of the Institute.
The Institute actively sends its doctoral students and young scientists to foreign business trips. So in 2013, 13 people went to participate in international conferences and seminars, 7 people were sent to scientific internships, schools and training courses, and 6 people were on long trips, performing joint research.
Close interaction of the institute with NUU and other universities and educational institutions of the Republic, the ongoing policy of comprehensive support for young scientists help the Institute to effectively solve the personnel problem and contribute to the implementation of the National Training Program.