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Council of Young Scientists

Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Institute of Nuclear Physics
Board of Young Scientists (BYS)
It is our highest goal to make a contribution to the development of our native land Uzbekistan

The activity of the Board of Young Scientists of the INP AS RU is related to the development of scientific and creative activity of young scientists of the INP, as well as assistance to young people in such matters as working, improving living conditions and organizing their extra-curricular time.

The purpose of the Board of Young Scientists (BYS) is to assist young scholars of the INP in their professional growth and to unite their efforts in addressing topical scientific issues.
To achieve the aforementioned goals, the Board of Young Scientists of INP performs the following activities:

  • INP organizes scientific conferences, seminars, schools and training sessions for which young scientists can participate;
  • Providing information to young scientists about scientific research and scientific conferences held in Uzbekistan and abroad, creation of necessary information systems for young scientists, consulting and other services;
  • Performs work aimed at improving the living and working conditions of young scientists and the proper organization of their extra-curricular time.

Currently, the Institute of Nuclear Physics employs 54 employees under the age of 40. 5 of them have the degree of candidate of science; 2 senior researchers, 14 junior researchers, 7 senior researchers, 16 leading engineers and 15 engineers.

Chairman of the Board: Ph.D. Kurbanov U.

For any questions, suggestions or comments, please email us at or call (+998 71) 289-25-57 and (+998 90) 991-21-64.