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List of Leading Organizations

Leading Organizations

Institutions, which  can act as leading organizations for dissertations defended by the scientific council DSc.27.06.2017.FM/T.33.01 at the INP AS RU, Astronomical Institute and NUU in the field of specialties 01.03.01 – Astronomy, 01.04.07 – Condensed matter physics, 01.04.08 – Physics of the atomic nucleus and elementary particles, 01.04.01 – Instruments and methods of experimental physics, 01.04.02 – theoretical physics


1. Institute of Physics and Technology NPO "Physics-Sun" AS RUz

2. Tashkent State Technical University

3. Tashkent University of Information Technology

4. Turin Polytechnic University

5. Samarkand State University

6. Ferghana State University

7. Ferghana Polytechnic Institute

8.Andijan State University

9. Karakalpak State University

10. Astrophysical Institute named after V.G. Fesenkov (Kazakhstan)

11. Astronomical Institute. V.V.Sobolev Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia)

12. Institute of Astronomy RAS (Russia)

13. Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics A.I. Alikhanova (Russia)

14. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia)

15. Astrophysical Observatory (Tartu, Estonia)

16. University of Surrey (England)

17. University of Libre (Brussels, Belgium)

18. University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

19. International Center for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy)

20. National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Italy)

21. University of Bremen (Germany)

22.University of Oldenburg (Germany)

23. Osaka University (Japan)

24. Stanford University (USA)

25. Leading research centers and higher educational institutions of foreign countries